The Tidings of Misfits

Book one


"This story has it all. Found family, queer representation, a unique magic system, easy to follow world building, multiple POVs, and a plethora of magical/mythical creatures. I was incredibly surprised and impressed with all of the lgbtq+ representation in this book, especially with Linda’s character."

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A Waltz Through Flames

Book Two


"I genuinely don’t think anything I say about this book is going to remotely do it justice. If you’re an epic fantasy lover and you see this review, please add this book to your tbr. It deserves so much love and attention."

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How many books?

There will be 8 books in the main series. I currently have one companion novella planned and a sequel trilogy planned as well, plus a ton more ideas swirling around. We'll have a lot of content in Vilanthris!

General Content Warnings

Rats - grotesque mutated rats (if you don't like rats, I don't recommend picking up this series)


Fantasy violence (murder, gore, blood which includes vampirism and all that comes with it)

Body horror (from vampirism/being undead + cultists and plague sickness being somewhat relevant throughout the series)

Child death (most of the time there's no description of it happening except at the end of book two -- it's usually a flashback or due to a discovery)

Creepy/horror atmospheres (if horror isn't your thing, I'm not sure I'd recommend this series -- it's going to get progressively darker).

Be sure to check out content warnings for each book, as these are just the general warnings for the series as a whole.


Queer/queernorm world: bisexual MC, gay side character, asexual MCs, nonbinary MC, MM romance, sapphic romance, trans side character

Disability: mental illness (PTSD & anxiety), blind side character, MC amputee (loss of leg), neurodivergent MC

Relationships: MM, sapphic, touch them you die, moronsexual x the moron in question, forbidden romance (semi / it's only brought up briefly), soulmates, 'who did this to you'