A Flower's Fatal Thorn

Book one

The forest is rotting.

Róis, a young human with life magic coursing through her veins, discovers that her destiny is entwined with the ailing heart of the rotting woodland. Determined to unravel the mysteries behind the forest's demise, she ventures into the depths to seek its cure.

Neferíl, queen of the Unseelie faerie court, is adorned in shadows and intrigue. She is destined to kill the human girl with life magic in her blood. However, as they reluctantly join forces, an unforeseen bond begins to blossom between them. Together, they must embark on a perilous quest to reach the Eldertree where the elusive Forest Father resides—a god rumored to hold the power to heal the forest.

As Róis and Neferíl navigate the treacherous journey through the twisted roots and dark secrets of Elvira, their hearts become entangled in the forbidden romance, defying the very destiny that seeks to tear them apart. Will they unlock the secrets of the Sacred Grove in time to save the rotting forest, or will the shadows of fate consume them both in a tragic dance of love and destiny?

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Content Warnings



- Forced Proximity

- Touch her you die

- Enemies to lovers

- Slowburn

- for fans of Princess Mononoke, Cruel Prince, and Ferngully

- Faerie mythology (two courts, faerie food/wine, celtic myth)

- druids

- dragons