A Song of Hope

Book three

The Misfits have successfully escaped the resurrection of a god, but war isn’t done with them yet.

Fate leads them south to the war-torn city of Alavae, where the imposing threat of Shoma seeks to claim Hestian land and spread their wicked sultan’s influence. Their mission is to free the illusionist Massoud from his imprisonment with the Shoman army. His liberation is of the uttermost importance, for only his magic can aid the Misfits in their attempts to free Rooster’s beloved and his crew from the eldrasi prison on the island of Míradan.

The cults of Vilanthris are unwavering in their quest to resurrect the dragon gods, and with the return of Rhavna, the Misfits' mission seems all but lost. Yet, despite such daunting odds, the Misfits continue to carve a path of hope.

The Whispered Tales is a D&D-inspired fantasy about a group of morally grey heroes called the Misfits. It’s perfect for fans of Skyrim, Baldur’s Gate 3, Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and Six of Crows.

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Content Warnings

- giant, mutated rats

- family/sibling trauma

- some suicidal thoughts (brief)

- death / depictions of grief

- brief moments of PTSD

- torture: includes whipping & burning over a fire (brief/two chapters)

- child death / briefly described in a flashback

- fantasy violence: gore, battle horror, body horror, death, murder (one scene where a character blows up an area with magic)


- D&D vibes
- lord of the rings style epic adventures / epic battles
- morally grey misfits
- found family
- queernorm world + large lbgtqia+ cast (bi mcs, nonbinary mc, asexual mcs, trans rep)
- dragons
- cults
- Multiple POVs
- dark high fantasy
- touch him you die

- MM relationship

- hopeful vs hopeless

- soulmates

- 'kiss me to avoid the guards'

- grump x sunshine