A Waltz Through Flames

Book two

War drums settle over Volendam.

The Cults that worship the dragons lost to history have renewed their determination to bring back their lost gods and urge on the coming apocalypse. Fresh from danger, the Misfits have no choice but to stand and fight. The soldiers of Gorvayne have laid siege and have their beloved city surrounded. It doesn't take them long to realize that the war on the port city is the start of many worries, for evil does not sleep.

Once again, the Misfits are forced into a race against time. They've stopped the cults before, but the question remains:

Will they be able to stop them again?

The Whispered Tales series is perfect for fans of Six of Crows, Lord of the Rings, Skyrim, and Dungeons & Dragons


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Content Warnings

- rats (the rakken are a main presence in WT so if you do not like rats, I highly recommend you do not continue with this series)
- Cults (body horror, gore, gruesome sacrificial death)
- War (battle horror, death, blood, gore)
- Dysphoria
- Mentions of slavery (very brief)
- Child abduction/child death, child abuse (mild/one scene)
- Plague/sickness - rot, death, plague, bugs


- D&D vibes
- lord of the rings style epic adventures / epic battles
- morally grey misfits
- found family
- queernorm world + large lbgtqia+ cast (bi mcs, nonbinary mc, asexual mcs, trans rep)
- dragons
- cults
- Multiple POVs
- dark high fantasy
- low spice / low romance
- ancient evil
- masquerade ball