The Tidings of Misfits

Book one

A voice calls to them from Volendam.
Five misfits are forced together by fate.

A vampire marked by a shadow woman possessing his blood.
A thief with a price on her head for attempts to assassinate the sultan of Shoma.
A man who lost his name.
And two lizardfolk. One seeks the knowledge of immortality. The other seeks a life that is their own.

When the ground opens up and sends them underground, the five strangers land inside a cavern overrun by rakken – grotesque, mutated rats worshiping a god whose return would bring about the end of days. As they fight their way to the surface, they’re each branded with dark magic that connects them. Now a sudden urge pulls them to Volendam, a city of many secrets.

But when they arrive, will they find a cure for their branded curse or trigger the awakening of the dragons of Vilanthris?


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Content Warnings

Rats (rats/the rakken are a main part of WT so if you aren't okay with rats, I don't recommend reading this series) 

Sexual content (all consensual, multiple partners, mention of genitalia, nudity)

Violence (standard fantasy violence - gore, blood, murder, body horror, mutilation of corpses)

Slavery (very brief in the beginning, and then mentioned in conversations later)

Bigotry (brief situation)

Violence against children (brief situation, non-sexual) / Child death

Abuse (emotional)





- unique vampires

- multiple povs (don't be fooled by the first three chapters -- there are 5 different POVs)

- haunted opera house

- morally grey heroes

- hopeful vs hopeless

- ancient evil

- found family

- character driven

- d&d-esque